Star-Spangled Banner

Proof through the night

From the French word coeur, meaning heart, courage is at the forefront of all the qualities of character that we would hope to instill in our children, because it is the one upon which all others are built.  This has been at the center of our Active Parenting programs since the beginning. This week the importance of courage returned to its roots in the people of France, where the devastation by fire to the sacred cathedral and national icon, Notre Dame (“Our Lady”), was met with a national resolve to mourn, rebuild, and grow.

Notre Dame

Photo by Ashley Elena from Pexels

Our hearts, along with those of millions of others from around the world, are with our French cousins in standing strong and united when disaster strikes. The image on the news seen around the globe of that golden cross standing immaculately above the ashen debris of the destroyed place of worship reminded me, as an American, of our national anthem, which heralded the survival of our own star-spangled banner that survived a similar night of inferno to give courage to a people who may have felt afraid of what lay ahead. This proof though the night that all is never lost when faith remains gives us all a measure of heart. Vive le Courage! Vive la France!

Dr. Michael Popkin
Founder and President
Active Parenting Publishers