CoCo—HERE to help coparents!

CoCo is HERE to help coparents build a healthy, child-focused relationship!

CoCo—HERE to help coparents!

Successful coparenting is within reach with our NEW program!  Active Parenting Publishers and the authors of the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program have been hard at work revising this popular program designed to help coparents build a healthy and sustainable, child-focused relationship… and now the new program is here! 


Every Stage. Every Step.

Active Parenting Publishers strives to help families build positive dynamics and strong relationships. Our video-based programs cover the trials and triumphs of child development at each stage and step. Sometimes that includes adapting to a two-home family lifestyle. Coparenting can be challenging to navigate, whether it’s after a separation or divorce or the parents were never together. We’re proud to announce that our newly revised Cooperative Coparenting through Separation or Divorce program (CoCo) is here to help! 


The Making of Our New CoCo Program

For over 20 years, Leaders and parents loved the concepts and strategies in the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program so much that we kept our attention on updating our other programs. Then Leaders started telling us we needed an update: although the program was still an informative resource, the videos with wall-hanging phones made it look outdated. So, together with authors Susan Boyan and Ann Marie Termini and an Advisory Board of Leaders and coparenting specialists, we set out to not only update this beloved program but make it even better! As a result, we can now offer you a revamped program that features all-new video, updated topics, culturally relevant dynamics, and a modern and approachable design to make leading and learning easier.  

CoCo Filming: Killshot Crew with Dr. Michael Popkin and Product Development Manager Molly Davis with Author Susan Boyan




Dr. Michael Popkin, Melody Popkin, Product Development Manager: Molly Davis, and therapist and author Susan Boyan are Pictured with the film crew from Killshot Media during the CoCo video shoot.


About the New CoCo Program

In an ideal world, all children live with their parents under one roof in a loving, supportive, and healthy environment. Couples may start out on the same path with that goal for their families, but sometimes parents need to take different paths. Our new CoCo program can help parents navigate the difficult journey of learning to shield their children from coparent conflict while establishing a positive, cooperative coparent relationship. Both parents can follow their new paths while staying true to their original goal: to maintain a loving, supportive, healthy environment for their children.


New Materials & New Topics

CoCo includes the key concepts of the original classic in addition to new topics!

  • How to set up a two-home communication system
  • Challenging parents to confront negative patterns
  • Taking more responsibility
  • Handling finances
  • Dealing with typical issues such as returning clothing
  • Handling transfers
  • The impact of a significant other


Our Program also has brand-new videos available in multiple formats: streaming, DVD, or embedded in an engaging PowerPoint presentation. CoCo will help parents set up a two-home communication system while challenging them to confront negative patterns and take more responsibility. CoCo is HERE to help coparents build a cooperative relationship that is child-focused! This program is designed for groups of 10 to 16 parents and is divided into eight 2 to 2-1/2 hour sessions that can be used in group formats or one-on-one and as a court-ordered or voluntary course.


Testimonials from webinar attendees

Cooperative Coparenting (CoCo) testimonial CoCo (Cooperative Coparenting) testimonial


Our COCO Training

Our live Leader Training Webinar is an exploratory experience where participants learn tips and techniques for leading parenting education courses. This two-day virtual workshop aims to ensure that participants develop a clear understanding of the content and principles of the program. Each participant receives a Leader’s Guide, a Parent’s Guide, 10 contact hours, a marketing folder & certification packet.


CoCo is HERE to help coparents!

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