Meet the families of Paternidad Activa de Adolescentes

A hallmark of Active Parenting programs is the warm and humorous video vignettes, used to illustrate common parenting problems—and solutions. Each session contains plenty of video to bring key points to life. Your Paternidad Activa de Adolescentes program kit contains 173 minutes of video. The families portrayed in the video are:

The Shelton family is finding new challenges with the adolescence of Matt and Abby. For example, Matt and his dad have different ideas about appropriate use of the Internet. Abby and her mother are having trouble communicating.

The Easleys are raising their teenage daughter Jada, who has struggled with depression in the past. Lately their problem is more about cooperation—Jada seems to see herself more as a princess than as a member of the family!

Mrs. Russell is raising her son Derrick without the assistance of Derrick’s dad. Her brother Al pitches in. Derrick wants more independence, but his mother is worried about the consequences.

Teens Alex and his younger sister Miranda are part of the Mendez family. Mom and Dad need to have a serious talk with Alex, who is rebellious and was recently caught sneaking out of the house and drinking alcohol.

Mrs. Kwan is a widow, raising her daughter Julie alone. Julie’s boyfriend is pressuring her to move faster in their relationship than she is comfortable.

The Bryants are a blended family. Mrs. Bryant’s son Justin and Mr. Bryant’s daughter Erin are the same age. The typical problems of adolescence are compounded by the challenges of creating a new family. Susan, Justin’s mother, also makes an appearance.

Dr. Popkin and Ms Maxwell-Reid

Your narrators, Daphne Maxwell-Reid and Michael Popkin

The video is narrated by the author of the program, Dr. Michael Popkin, and acclaimed actress Daphne Maxwell-Reid (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Frank’s Place,” “Eve”).